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tv   White House Suggests Further Actions If Syria Uses Barrel Bombs  CSPAN  April 10, 2017 7:22pm-8:01pm EDT

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discussion on how conservative viewpoints represented in film, television and popular culture. eastern ont 8:20 c-span. today's white house meeting with press secretary sean spicer. he talked about the palm sunday terrorist attacks in egypt, the u.s. airstrikes against syria, and the relationship between trump's senior advisers. this morning the president was honored to host the swearing-in of associate justice neil gorsuch. 's confirmation was the culmination of a thoughtful and deliberate of process -- deliberative process that president started a year ago. in september he release a final, definitive list promising to
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select only from those individuals to who would continue the legacy of the great justice scalia on the bench. today the president celebrated our new associate justice. it was a great day to kick off the week. before i get into the upcoming week, just a couple of updates from over the weekend. first, the president spoke with the prime minister of sweden to express our condolences for the loved ones killed and friday posey terrorist attack in central -- friday's terrorist attack in central stockholm. cece tod president convey his deepest condolences to egypt for the attacks that occurred there. dozens of people were killed and dozens more injured on this holy palm sunday. united states condemns the strong as terms these barbaric attacks on christian
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places of worship. the president spoke with the king of saudi arabia, the prime minister of japan, the acting president of south korea, all about the united states' military strike on the airfield in syria. all the leaders expressed support for the united states'necessary actions in response to the horrible chemical bomb attacks on innocent civilians. yesterday he spoke with winslow, andrea commanding officer of the uss porter, and the commanding officer of the uss ross to thank them of their teens for successfully carrying out the strike. during these calls the president communicated he could not be otherroud of the crews ships and their false executions of these operations. these ships, between the two of them, sent 59 tomahawk missiles. each hit all their targets, showing america's power and the
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military accuracy which is just a small representation of our military's overall capability and a fraction of what this president will continue to build up the military to be throughout his administration. the side of people being gassed and blown away insurers if we see this kind of action again we hold open the possibility of future action. actions of what happened ensured the feeling operation is gone from this airport facility. 20% of aircraft were destroyed. by all measures the world and domestic reaction was highly laudable for the president's actions. we are all aware the president had a very successful visit with the chinese president. included on friday. one of the most significant developments was the agreement to create a 100 day initial plan
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, hopefully with some near-term deliverables to lead to a more balanced economic relationship between our two countries. has that develops we will provide you with additional details. this morning the president was glad to see toyota announced it billion in its kentucky plant as part of its plan to invest $10 billion in america over the next five years. a continued signal of the confidence american businesses have in the economy under president trump. in the week ahead, tomorrow he will have a discussion with several members of his cabinet and a group of ceos. this is a follow-up of his meeting with 20 ceos just this past february, with some of the same business leaders and . they will meet in small interactive groups, each led by cabinet member to discuss the priorities of the cabinet secretaries and agencies. the president will oversee the report presented to the group,
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by the group rather. the cabinet level participants will be secretary of commerce ross, secretary of education mullaney, director and secretary of transportation elaine chao. we will have list of additional participants later. as part of the effort to de-escalate the conflict syria and press for a political process that can result the conflict -- resolve the conflict, the u.s. special envoy for syria will be coming to washington tomorrow or consultations with the state department and with national security advisor mcmaster at the white house. he has been overseeing the political talks among syrian parties in geneva. on wednesday the will of the secretary general of nato to the white house. the president and secretary general will have a joint press conference later in the afternoon. and the president plans to spend easter holiday in lorna and will return to the white house on
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sunday -- holiday in florida and will return to the white house on sunday. we get day 81 and the president's administration. we have done so many great wings, including -- great things, including confirm a supreme court justice, rollback more regulations that any president in modern times, rollback the obama era war on coal and natural gas. we see homebuilder manufacturing confidence. a 12% gain in the stock market. we have seen a real resurgence in the mining industry. we produced illegal border crossings by 60% to the lowest level in nearly two decades in a permitted historic ethics reforms, including a five year n.bbying ba i will take your questions. it ok to bombis the syria and not help the
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refugees? what is the administration's reply to russia saying we are running the risk of a real war in the middle east? sean: the reason we took action was multifold. stop proliferation in deterrence to chemical weapons. when you see weapons of destruction being used, to should be a concern to every nation. especially our own people. the proliferation of those --pons pose a grave secure threat to our national security. we have to stop that. number two, we have to stop isis. with respect to the people of syria, by us taking action and the escalating what's going on -- de-escalating what's going is thetaining isis greatest aspect of humanitarian relief we can provide first and foremost. secondly, creating areas where we can work with allies,
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including russia, and committee to including there are places that are free from violence and are places that are free for people and places free for people together safely is another. because i think everyone would agree that the last thing people want to do there is leave. they want to be there, they want to stay in syria and have a safe place to remain with their families. our number one priority is to defeat isis. -- from aitarian humanitarian standpoint, we need an environment that provides a safe lace for them and ultimately remain. if you look at the countries that are with us, it speaks pretty loudly the number of countries that have stood shoulder to shoulder with this president. russia on the other hand stanza syria and north korea and iran.
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>> does it mean committing troops? sec. spicer: no, no. it means that what we have done is praised to mystically and internationally. when you watch babies and children being gassed and suffer under barrel bombs, you are instantaneously moved to action. if those actions were to continue, it would be considered for the united states. in both stopping to deterrence and proliferation of those weapons and further trying to create a political environment that will result in new leadership. those are very important. they go hand in hand.
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i think we have a coalition. if you look at who is not with us, it's a pretty small group. you've got iran, syria, north korea, and russia on one side of this. it is a pretty small group. >> president trump has spoken out extensively about bashir al-assad in syria. does he believe assad should before sec.ppear spicer: the icc? the goal is twofold to defeat isis and create the environment necessary for the syrian people to have new leadership there. a stable andne peaceful syria where a sawed is in -- assad is in power. there can be a multi-pronged approach where we are ensuring that there is de-escalation of the proliferation.
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creating an environment for the change in leadership. assad has believe committed war crimes? >> clearly, when you take an action against the people that -- we feel unbelievably confident in the intelligence that we have. >> a lot of people are talking about what the trump doctrine is on foreign policy. what it may or may not include. it president has stated that is very flexible. do you know what the doctrine is? something here to give it a during the campaign, that america is first. we do it we can to make sure that our interest both economically and it national at the forefront.
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but that we have do have a clear and defined national interest. it is our national security first and foremost that has to deal with how we act. if you recognize the threat that our country and our people face ofthere is a growth of use spread of chemical weapons of , thedestruction proliferation of that spreading to other groups is a clear danger to our country and to our people. >> are you saying that defeating isis and getting bashir al-assad out of power should happen at the same time? i'm not trying to -- how you sequence them, i don't think those are mutually exclusive. of gok they kind hand-in-hand. as you reduce isis's strength and de-escalate the conflict in
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syria, the political environment to remove him becomes stronger and stronger. >> secretary tillerson says we can navigate political outcomes in which the syrian people will determine legitimacy. to see peace in that area with a side -- assad. sec. spicer: i don't think those are mutually exclusive statements. one of them saying that we don't see peace, the other thing that we need to have him gone. the goal for the united states is twofold. to make sure that we destabilize syria, destabilize the conflict there. reduce the threat of isis. and create the political environment, not just within the syrian people, but you can work
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with russia in particular to make sure that they understand that syriac, backed by russia's own accounting should be held accountable for the agreement it has made on chemical weapons alone. >> [indiscernible] sec. spicer: yes. sure. i think you can defeat isis with him in power and to your point, it's not like there is a single track that says you have to do -- if we can get both at the same time or one happens after the other, that's fine as well. the number one threat that america faces is isis in that region and we have to make sure we do everything we can to do that. message?s the specific will he threaten more sanctions? sec. spicer: i will let
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secretary tillis talk about his meeting. there's a lot to discuss. with respect to syria, we need to remind them of the commitments they have made. foremost,at first and we need to make sure that we understand what the situation is on the ground. there is no question who acted in this case and what syria did. we need to make sure that russia fully understands the actions took, sawed took -- assad the commitments the syrians have --e, and the russians getting them back would be the logical step. it is something that we share. >> the president wants the secretary of state to put the threat of sanctions on the table to get russia's attention.
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what does the president believe russia actually is? sec. spicer: we will have 20 of time to discuss how those talks go. one thing the president has been very clear on is he doesn't like cards thath all the he has. agree on get them to beating isis, that is what we will have a discussion about. we will see what goes beyond rhetoric and where that talk starts. what they are willing to commit to. to get ahead of this before they meet is not something i want to do. >> what is the president's perspective on the current ability of the senior advisers to resolve their ideological
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differences and resolve their personality differences and work as a team? >> he is very confident in that because this is the same group with the same thatogies and strengths came together to win a campaign. there is an unbelievably talented team. it is committed to the president's agenda. i said multiple times that everybody that came into this administration, they understand and understood and understand the president's vision and agenda. this il of coming up to just read off a series in terms of the judges he's appointing, the congressional review act. the executive orders.
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you look at the actions he has then and getting 60% on border. known could dispute the fact that immigration was a hot topic during this campaign. in the president's actions are seeing results. he understands that we have some -- the policy differences need to be behind closed doors. we need to focus and committed to advancing the president's agenda. he is completely aware of the talent that he has and is part of the reason that he's brought this team together, because the talent and a compliment they have had on a variety of backgrounds they fully believe that they are going to continue to push forward. onthey ordered this meeting friday when they were potentially told by the
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president to cool this and get along and get on the same page. sec. spicer: i think a lot of stuff was overblown about this that makes it out to the media sometimes and gets a little bit more sensational than it truly is. the president is obviously very pleased with what he had and the foreign-policy front. the meeting of king abdullah was unbelievable. he continued to have very strong poor and -- foreign policy wins. the relationships were making with heads of state, not just bipartisan praise here at home, but world praise. i think he recognizes that sometimes, some of this spills over. >> you say one of the priorities is to see a regime change. how far as the president rilling
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to go to see bashir al-assad out of power there? sec. spicer: just to be clear, you can't imagine a stable and peaceful syria with assad in charge. i don't think that's a scenario that is possible. the next step has to be to make sure that the region is stable. you can't have isis marching through syria and worrying mostly about the charge right now. ryan's question at the --inning, national security as isis is proliferating and chemicals of mass destruction are on the rise, we got to contain that. we have to provide regime change. the bottom line is, the first
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priority is the conflict occurring. this whiteedline for house chemical warfare? is convinced -- conventional warfare enough? sec. spicer: the president was very clear that there were a number of lines crossed last week. they'd your these redlines and in the red lines were run over. i don't think you'll see the same play. the president but to act decisively and proportionately when it comes to actions like that. if you gas abb, if you put a barrel bomb on innocent people, you will see a response from this president. it is unacceptable. one of the things that i don't
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want to start doing is to say if you do this, this is the reaction you will get. the president has been very clear to the transition and now that he's not going to telegraph a response to every corresponding action because it thes the opposition or enemy what you're going to do and whether or not that response is worth taking. the president is clear that he will keep the cards close to the vest. but he will act. >> i wanted to ask you about the reaction the president took in terms of military involvement. he said in your statement that all 59 of those cruise missiles had their intended target. it yet, we're saying reports that the military airbase in syria continues to be used by the syrian military. given that, how can you consider that particular mission a success? sec. spicer: from what you're hearing, you have taken to planes and taken them off.
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it's a pr stunt. the feeling capability has been taken out, and 20% of their fixed wing aircraft and their entire air force is taken out. their ability to operate successfully is gone. and push some planes them over but make no mistake about it, the radar capability is gone, the fueling capability is gone, and a good chunk of their aircraft is gone. that is a huge success. >> about these reports of the shakeup at the white house. there have been various reports that the deputy national security advisor is stepping down from that post. a taking on the post of u.s. ambassador to singapore. can you confirm that? what is behind that particular thing? i have said before
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that we are not going to get into personnel announcements until they are ready to announce. when general mcmaster was announced, it was pretty clear. you asked the question if you would have the ability to shape the national security council and his liking with the president's concurrence. you have seen that is an accurate statement of the time. has themcmaster president's confidence to ensure the national security council is shaped in a manner that best serves the president of the united states in every way, shape, or form. to your point, the staff said over the weekend that the only thing shaken up in washington -- or that is being shaken up his washington. the president will be a disruptor and do things differently. >> two questions. first, the previous administration was in touch with
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ssad opposition and gathered conclaves of different groups. is this administration in touch with the same anti-assad forces? sec. spicer: i'm not going to go into details about what we are doing and who we are talking to. that did not prove to successful last cycle or last administration in terms of regime change. i will not get into telegraphing what we're doing and how we are doing it. >> congressman santos wrote the president just last week to call on very strong language by executive order to end what he of 2013. opm rule that was an executive order, of course, that undercut the ,ffordable care act amendment saying members of congress and their staff would not get health care and special subsidies
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unlike any other american. they say congress will move faster because they and their staff will not have special treatment. is the president going to use his pen and get rid of the opm water? sec. spicer: i will have to look at that. i know secretary price has been dealing with a lot of that. secretary price has been dealing with a lot of the implementation documents. i know they've been working with director mulvaney. they will be here with you guys at some point tomorrow to talk about reorganizing of government. it might be an appropriate time to talk to him about that. >> the list of judges the president had last year, the nominees that they referred to earlier. in the end, democrats still try to filibuster judge gorsuch.
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what difference did putting out that list make in the end? think it should first and foremost that the president kept his word. the president put out a list of people and campaigned on it. if you elect me, these are the type of -- they are originalist. they will read and interpret the constitution as was meant to be. the american people when you look at exit polling, voted for him because of that. disagree orot you agree with the president philosophically, he gets high marks for keeping his word. a number ofon topics including the type of justice that he would appoint. vote up or down. it's also a continuation to know that the president is going to be someone who makes a pledge to the american people and keeps it.
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>> what else to this process teach him? anything? >> you can disagree with judge gorsuch's judicial philosophy. but a think by every standard comic he was a very highly qualified justice. the american bar association rated him their highest people who worked for them in the past. his judicial record in terms of the number of cases where he was in the mainstream and democrat appointees cited with him. it showed the president that trying to work with senate -- itats wasn't really was somewhat of a futile task. we will vote it down. that is probably the biggest lesson.
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got the that they've right individual. if someone eminently qualified. >> let me turn your attention to tax reform bill quick. -- real quick. [indiscernible] as the president gone back to the drawing board when it relates to taxes? is that accurate? sec. spicer: no. >> is that the backbone? sec. spicer: that is the backbone. but what you see is us going to this process. everyone from secretary mintage mnuchin, inetary man the process of meeting with groups that have been advocating. industry groups, individuals, members of congress. getting their input. this would be a major undertaking. we want to make sure they listen
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and have their ideas move forward. this is the beginning phase of that process. >> they said on friday that there would be this august deadline. they suggested august may not be the deadline. is this timeline getting pushed. obviously, it would be great to have this before august recess but you want to make sure we do this right and members of congress that of had a long-time interest in doing this. the industry competitive in the global market. it creates economic growth throughout the country. >> americans are filling out tax returns. will they have a 2017 tax cut this time next year? middle income
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americans i hope have a tax cut by then. careful with that. [laughter] prettyident trump was complementary of president putin. what does he think of president putin now? it has been the same, respectfully. if we can get a deal, defeat isis and work with them on a plan to defeat them, we're going to do it. that if we can't work with them, then ok. but the president came into office to really focus on two fronts. if russia or any other country can help us achieve those two goals.
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if it can make the united states into a major marketplace and keep our country safe through a combined effort to defeat something like isis. we want to work with them. president is not going to be disappointed but he would like to do what he can to make it happen. >> does he still described him in the way he did several months ago is a leader who he viewed as better than president obama? sec. spicer: we are 81 days in and i think secretary tillerson will have a lot of information. daysu mentioned the 100 that the president and china agreed on. did they offer to give you less on these exports with financial investment? part of that? sec. spicer: this is an initial working plan that they will try to hammer out what that hundred days looks like.
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they called them weigh stations. those stops between 100 days and now would be things that both sides would be looking at. obviously, exports and market access in china, the ability to have foreign ownership in the services industry has been something that has been a prize of u.s. exporters. it is something that is being hammered out as we go forward. and there's a lot of pieces that there.des of like to see the hundred days plan is something that they talked about putting together during the day that they met together. and it is something that the counterparts are going to flesh out. there are a lot of topics that got put on the table. we will see how that works.
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>> is their concern about getting it done before the mexican election teed up at the we of the year? sec. spicer: need to senate to approve robert -- and so our focus , but is the official ninety-day notification. >> they had a lot to say. president obama needs to seek congressional approval. members of congress believe he should has well.
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why does he not need congressional approval. sec. spicer: the president has the full authority to act. he did that. he and his team spoke with congressional leaders of both sides of the aisle that night to describe the actions taken forward. we have fully fulfilled audrey -- every obligation. it is clear with the president's ability. >> there are policy differences on this particular military action last week. thisthe president believe is been smoothed over in the short term? are there has been a long-term solution to the fighting -- sec. spicer: are you talking specifically with syria? is there a short-term fix to this problem? or does the president believe
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that there is an fighting that has plagued the administration? is, spicer: a lot of this frankly, overblown. the reason the president brought this team together is to offer a diverse set of opinions. he doesn't want a monolithical kind of process. he is the decider. he has people come in and give a variety of options and plans. u.n. back and forth over that 72 .ours and if it is this health care tax reform trade, he has a diverse set of opinions and experts. the idea isn't to have one set of thought and policy flowing through there. it's to give the president the best advice possible. once the president makes a decision, the team is on board
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100%. a series of ideas and thoughts put forward to him is how he will make best opinion or best decision possible. >> he said to work it out. sec. spicer: i won't get in what happens internally but sometimes , it might spill out in the public more than other things. but there will always be a healthy debate on a variety of policy issues among the cabinet, staff, to make sure the presidencies every option available and every opinion he should way and counter before making the final decision. those discussions may make them out a little bit more publicly than they do. there was a lot of overblown coverage of how it happened and how it went down. he's very confident in the team that he has.
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he enjoys the council that they all bring to this table. thank you guys very much. i will see you tomorrow. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, >> tonight on c-span, supreme court justice neil gorsuch is sworn in at the white house. then two panels from the national review ideas summit. at how conservatism is per trade in film and pop culture. -- ofent segments of kill society view conservatism. is sworn inorsuch as the 113th supreme court justice in a white house ceremony. justice anthony kennedy administered the judicial oath of a marking the first time a sitting justice and his former law clerk will serve on the supreme court together. all eight justices and the widow and son of justice antonin scalia attended the ceremony. this is 20 minutes.


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